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What Does A Rat Control Service Do?

ConstructionAttic Rats What Does A Rat Control Service Do?

What Does A Rat Control Service Do?

You recognize the signs. You’ve found rodent droppings, heard scratching noises in your attic and even found rodent carcasses in your home. You know you’ve got a rodent infestation in your home and you’ve decided to contact a professional rat control service. But, who are these rat control technicians and what will they do when they get to your home?


Rat Control Services: An Overview

Simply put, a rat control service is a professional service with technicians who are specially trained to eliminate and prevent rodent infestation in homes. In addition to normal pest control extermination techniques, a good rat control service team will be well versed in rodent proofing, cleanup and decontamination, and insulation restoration. Rats often nest in the attic or crawl spaces of a home, so be sure to look for a rodent control service with attic expertise that understands how to spot and repair damages to things like attic insulation and electrical wiring.


Insulation Restoration

Rodents love to make their nests in the warm, soft insulation in your attic. Unfortunately for you, this nesting destroys your attic insulation, rendering your home insulation completely ineffective. Rodent urine and feces, can also seep into your attic insulation causing a foul smell and encouraging the growth of harmful bacteria which can lead to an increase in allergies and negatively impact your family’s health. If you know your attic insulation has been destroyed, be sure to find a rodent control services company with the equipment to remove and dispose of contaminated insulation safely.


Cleanup And Decontamination

Rodents carry a myriad of dangerous diseases including – hanta virus, hemmorhagic fever, salmonella, rat bite fever and typhus. When looking for a rat control service company be sure to ask about their cleaning and decontamination services too. Especially if you have young children, you’ll want to hire a company that not only helps rid your home of rats, but one that promises effective cleaning and decontamination of all infested areas as well.


Rodent Proofing

Extermination services like trapping and poisoning are only a half measure for ridding your home of rats. Rodents breed quickly and any rats you kill or trap are will be quickly replaced by new rodents looking for a home. Rodent proofing is the only way to prevent your home from being reinfested and to put an end to your rodent infestation permanently. Because of this, rodent proofing services are the most important type of service a rat control company can offer. When looking to hire a rat control service company, be sure to hire one with that offers a guarantee with their rodent proofing services and has a history of successful rodent proofing experience.


A rodent control service company will do more than come into your home to lay down traps and spray poison. A truly successful rodent control company will be able to put your mind at ease by cleaning and decontaminating infested areas, removing and restoring contaminated insulation, and patching any and all rodent entry points in your home to prevent future infestation.


Call Attic Construction

For more information about rat control services, contact the rodent proofing specialists at Attic Construction today by calling 858-609-8118. Our technicians are happy to answer your questions and will provide you with FREE initial home inspection and written report!

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