Why Having Rats in Your Home is Dangerous

Rats: they have been the nuisance of the human race since the beginning of civilization. How did this ensue? Well, rats have learned that by living near human beings, they have a plentiful food supply and a safe shelter to have their families. While rats themselves might not be diseased, they often carry bugs and parasites that are lethal to humans. Rats often get into our food supply and can diffuse those ailments to us incidentally. They can also indirectly harm us by living in such a near proximity that it gives the bugs a chance to attack our homes.

In addition to health apprehensions, rats in your attic can cause lots of complications for homeowners. Some common issues that ascend with the presence of rats in the home are: rats nesting in the walls and attic, scrabbling sounds that are irksome, munching on electrical wiring which can cause fires and prowling the kitchen pantry which can spread ailments and parasites to humans via their feces and urine. If you are having any of these concerns, it is vital that you get rid of the rats in your home immediately before the problem gets shoddier. For this, it is always advisable to opt for a rodent control company.

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Great work! Our attic went from totally disgusting to pristine.  They are courteous and professional and clean up after themselves.

-Karen L. Santee, CA

Andrew was very informative and helpful during the whole process. Excellent communication and his team did a great job. He came on Sunday and the work was done and completed by Tuesday. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a fair prices and great service.

– Joey E. San Diego, CA