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How To Rodent Proof Your San Diego Home

There are many types of rodents, but what they all have in common is that they tend to carry disease. That’s a major reason why keeping them out of your home is so important – it protects your family’s health. Let’s take a closer look at the steps necessary to rodent proof a home.

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Denying Opportunity

In order to rodent proof a home the first thing you have to do is recognize what these animals find attractive about your living space. In general, they are looking for protected areas that are warm and have access to water. If you eliminate these areas, or at least remove the incentive for mice or rats to invade your home, you have usually solved the problem.

Your Junk Storage Items

Think about your garage and attic. Is it starting to look like A&E might be visiting to film an episode of Hoarders? Do people kid you about how packed your “empty spaces” are with boxes and useless items? Are you unable to park both your cars in your garage because of all the clutter – or unable to fit another box in your attic? You have created a paradise for rodents. Behind all of that junk are the perfect spots for rodents to settle down and raise a family – or ten.

To be blunt, you are asking for a rodent infestation. To address the problem, you need to remove all of the junk from your garage, attic and sheds. Not sure what to do with it? Two words: garage sale. If you absolutely need it, rent a storage unit and let the owners worry about mice and rats.

Palm Trees

In San Diego, we have a unique issue with palm trees. Palm trees are beautiful, but rats love to climb them and live in the fronds. To prevent this, consider buying a descending plastic cone. These cones can be fastened around the trunk of the palm. They face down much like a lamp shade, and prevent rats from getting up into the fronds.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees Roof Rats love citrus even ornamental fruit is a delicacy they cant resist. The best measure is to pick the fruit from the trees removing this steady source of food for roof rats can reduce the risk invitation for an infestation.

Home Openings

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The next focus is on your home itself. Rats and mice often view the home as a paradise of sorts, since it is warm and a haven of protection against predators. If rodents can get inside, they can generally live a worry-free life while being fruitful and multiplying at alarming rates.

The major concerns are holes or cracks on the exterior of the home. They need to be sealed. Are small cracks really a concern? Yes. Rats and mice can squeeze through just about any space as long as they can get their heads through the opening. For a rat, this means a space roughly a quarter in size. For mice, we are talking about a hole the size of a dime or penny.

Now that you know what to look for, start doing laps around your home. Rodents can climb, so focus on the entire structure, including vent openings. Any holes where pipes and wires enter the home must be properly sealed. Locations where air flow is needed, such as vents, can be protected from rodents by mounting cooper wool on the interior. The wool will allow air flow, but will keep rodents out – since the animals cannot chew through the copper.

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