Rodent Removal Safety

Caution is key when you’re dealing with a rodent infestation. Rodents bite and scratch, carry dangerous diseases and can cause serious damage to your home. For these reasons, rodent removal should be handled with the utmost care in order to keep you, your family and your home as safe as possible. Here are a few key ways to ensure your home and the ones you love stay safe during the rodent removal process –


Hire A Professional.


Rodent removal is not a DIY job. Attempting to remove rodents from your home yourself exposes you to a myriad of dangerous diseases like hanta virus, hemmorhagic fever, salmonella, rat bite fever and typhus. Attempting to remove rodents yourself without the knowledge and professional grade equipment of a rodent removal company puts you at risk of getting sick or being bitten and scratched by rodents.


Choose Proofing Over Poison.


While many pest control companies use poison to decimate active rodent populations in your home, this might not be the safest thing for your family. Leaving rat poisons out around your home can be a risk, especially if you have curious pets or small children. Instead of using poison, hire a rodent proofing company instead. Not only is rodent proofing done without the use of dangerous chemicals, it is the only permanent way to ensure that your home is secured against future reinfestation.


Check Your Home For Fire Hazards.


Rats love chew on everything from your attic insulation to your home’s wooden doorframes. Unfortunately rodents love chewing on electrical wiring too. If you’re dealing with an active rodent infestation, be sure to have a professional inspect your home for frayed or damaged electrical wires. A single electric spark from a damaged wire can cause your home to go up in flames.


Get Your Home Professionally Decontaminated.


Once the rodents have been removed from your home and your home has been sealed against future infestation you may think you are equipped to do the cleaning part yourself, but you shouldn’t. Cleanup after a rodent infestation is not a normal DIY job. Rat feces and urine can carry disease and breed harmful germs and bacteria. A professional cleanup crew will know how to clean infested areas and dispose of rat carcasses and damaged insulation in a way that is safe. They will also have the equipment to ensure that your home is completely disinfected.


A rodent infestation poses a number of serious health and safety risks. Don’t gamble with your health and safety by attempting to remove rodents and clean up after an infestation on your on. Instead, as soon as you suspect you have a rodent infestation, call for professional help. Hiring a professional rodent removal company will ensure that your rodent problems are handled as efficiently and safely as possible.


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Written By Joseph Sheiner

Joseph Sheiner is a construction industry professional with over 15 years of experience. He began his career in the insulation industry in 2012, and co-founded Attic Construction Inc in 2013. As CEO of the company, Joe oversees all operations and is in charge of training and product knowledge.

Under Joe’s leadership, Attic Construction has become the largest leading Attic Restoration Company in San Diego, Orange County and Phoenix. He has personally performed and supervised insulation work in over 7000 homes. He is certified by Owens Corning as a CEE (Certified Energy Expert) and is a licensed contractor by the CSLB.
Most recently, Joe has helped expand Attic Construction to two additional locations – Orange County and Phoenix. He is currently working on expanding to additional locations in the near future.

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