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Get Rid Of Attic Rats

Preventing rodents from getting into your home is our #1 priority.
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Get Rid Of Attic Rats And Keep Them From Coming Back!

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Attic

The Safest Most Effective Solution To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home!


Get rid of rats in attic… for good! Call the experts at Attic Construction to clean and seal your attic. When we are finished, we guarantee there will be no rats in your attic and they won’t EVER come back.

Get The Guaranteed Solution To Rodent Infestation Call 858-609-8118

We NEVER use poison! Poison can be toxic not only to rats but to your children, pets and local wildlife.


Poison is an ineffective form of controlling rats in your attic. Yes, rat poison will kill attic rats but it isn’t instant and it won’t kill all the rats.


Rat Cleanup And Control

Here is what generally happens – When a attic rats eat poison they don’t die instantly. In fact, it may take several days and several doses of poison to actually deliver a lethal dose. And, not all of your attic rats will even eat the poison. When a rat actually does ingest poison the effects are usually slow. Eventually, the rat suffers with internal bleeding and hemorrhaging. When the rat is sick it is vulnerable to predators and could be eaten by other animals such as dogs, cats and predatory wildlife. When an animal is sick and injured it instinctively seeks a safe place to rest and recover away from other predators. Accordingly, sick rodents may hide themselves away in walls of your attic. When the rat eventually dies it leaves behind a horrible stench and rotting carcass usually in a hidden, hard to reach place.


Poison is not a permanent solution – After the existing rodents have been killed new rodents simple fill the void and the cycle begins again. Anyone offering to fix your rodent infestation with poison is probably more interested in signing you up on a monthly or quarterly treatment program. They know that poison doesn’t eliminate the problem and that you will just keep calling them back and paying them over and over again. Don’t believe it ask them for a warranty.

Trapping Can Be A Never Ending Task

The rapid breeding cycle of attic rats ensures a never ending supply of new rodents. Whether you use snap traps or no kill traps, after you have trapped the existing rodents new rats will quickly replace any rats that you have eliminated. This creates a never-ending cycle of setting traps and dealing with trapped rodents.

attic rats

We Offer A Guaranteed Solution

If you’re worried about rat control or in need of rat cleanup services, call Attic Construction, Inc. We clean, disinfect and deodorize attics contaminated by rodents and we prevent them from coming back and re-infesting the area. We offer free inspections and we guarantee our work.


We are experts in:

  • Attic Cleaning and Decontamination
  • Crawl Space Cleaning and Decontamination
  • Rodent Exclusion Service Guaranteed No Re-infestation
  • Insulation Cleaning
  • Insulation Removal
  • Insulation Replacement
  • Odor Removal
  • Dead Carcass Removal

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High Energy Bills

Studies have shown that a home with insufficient or damaged insulation costs more to heat and cool. A properly insulated home will Lower Your Energy Costs because it requires less energy.


Get a free insulation inspection. Call today!

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Free Estimate

Our experienced technicians will provide a free written recommendation detailing the proper actions needed to restore your home to a safe and healthy environment. When you need attic cleanup, crawl space cleanup, rodent proofing, decontamination, insulation removal or insulation replacement in San Diego Call Attic Construction Inc at 858-609-8118.