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Over time, attics can get filled with dust, worn-down possessions, and deteriorating insulation. All of this clutter can render your attic unusable, and it quickly becomes a welcome home for mice, rats, and other creatures. If you want to reclaim your attic space, then it's time to call in the professionals.

Attic Construction is the highest ranked attic cleaning company in San Diego, providing a wide range of services from attic decontamination to rodent proofing services. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have before scheduling your inspection.

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Save Yourself from the Headache of Do-It-Yourself Attic Cleaning

An attic cleanup job is never fun, but it can be imperative to your health and the overall health of your home. Before you decide to go at the issue yourself, consider the fact that DIY solutions lack the meticulousness of professionals. During the cleanup process, you may also come across a number of issues including rodent infestation, mold, plumbing issues, or electrical problems. You would then need to connect with a variety of contractors including:



Insulation Installer


Additionally, you will be in charge of scheduling the home visits and dealing with the various contractors from inspection through completion of the projects. Needless to say, the DIY process can get complicated and expensive. For that reason, relying on a comprehensive provider can often be the best decision.

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At Attic Construction, we strive to make your attic cleanup and decontamination process as easy and efficient as possible. We offer a free inspection with absolutely NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Request an appointment to have one of our technicians come to your residence and do a comprehensive inspection today. If we happen to find any issues, we will provide you with an estimate and schedule a crew to come out and take care of any potential harmful situations as soon as the very same day.


Rodent Waste Removal & Sanitation

We’re offering a rodent waste removal and sanitation special for San Diego customers. This offer includes an attic inspection and cleanup of rodent waste if found in your home attic. We’ll also sanitize the area that we find the problem.