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Attic Rodent Proofing & Cleanup of Rats In Attic

At Attic Construction, we understand the importance of a clean, healthy living space. We also know that because of their natural behavior and biology, rodents have the dangerous potential to convey diseases throughout your home. If you suspect that you have rats in your attic it’s time to call a professional team that can decontaminate the space and set up effective rodent proofing systems that will keep rodents out of your home.

Their urine and feces contain allergens that once inhaled, can be a major cause of sinus inflammation and asthma. Their grime also promotes the growth of mold causing decay to wood in your attic and crawl space and damage to the load-bearing beams of your home. Fortunately, if rodents have invaded your home, you know who to call – Attic Construction.

Do You Have Rats in Your Attic?


Rodent Traps Aren't A Permanent Solution

Rodent traps help, but they don’t address the real issue – sealing the path that rodents use to get to your attic and crawl space. As soon as you remove the traps, rodents will jump straight back into your attic and crawl space. True rodent control goes beyond the short-term solutions that many pest control companies implement. If you’re dealing with repeated rat and mice infestations, you need attic professionals who can show you how to rat-proof your home.


Poisoning Rodents Pose Major Health Hazards to You, Your Family and Pets

Poisoning rodents work, but just like traps, it doesn’t address the real problem. Even worse, it’s not a safe option. And yes! You know exactly what will happen 4 days after you have a dead rat, mouse, rodent, mole, a chinchilla, or a hamster in your attic Don’t let the odor ruin the comfort of your home, call us and we will rescue your attic and crawl space.


Rodent Entry Points Can be Hard to Find

Since rodents can contort their bodies and squeeze through extremely tight spaces, their entry points can be as small as a quarter inch making them extremely hard to find. But don’t worry, at Attic Construction, we are experts at locating these hidden entry points and sealing them without affecting your home’s natural ventilation. We know exactly how to rat proof your home.


Rodents cause millions of dollars in damage to electrical systems and buildings every year

Rodents have the tendency to chew anything and everything they bump into. This includes electrical wires, wood, insulation, air ducts and more.

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Rodents in your attic and crawl space cause the following diseases


Rat Bite Fever

Lymphocytic Chorio-Meningitis


Murine Typhus

Hanta Virus

Omsk Hermorragic Fever



Eosinophillic Menengitis


Get Rid of Rats in Your Attic

We begin our rodent proofing services with a thorough inspection to help us uncover areas in your attic and crawl space that rodents frequently visit or have made their home. We create a permanent and tight seal that keeps rats, mice and other rodents from entering.

Finally, we extract rodent droppings and completely seal up their entry points to make sure you will not have rodents in your home anytime soon.

Benefits of Rodent Proofing

Make your own building or home safer

Boost the quality of air in your home.

Reduce allergens & airborne disease risk factors

Reduce the noise caused by rodents in your home.

Give your family a healthy environment

Prevent rodent returns & end rodent infestation for good!

San Diego Attic Insulation Company

Our rodent proofing is designed to fully stop rodents from getting into your attic and crawl space

Our seasoned technicians are trained to easily identify and seal up all rodent entry points. We also educate homeowners on how to avoid conditions that attract rodents into their homes such as leaving food in the open air.

To schedule your rodent proofing, call us at 858-609-8118. Our experts will be happy to inspect and give you a written report detailing what you need to do to rescue your attic and crawl space. We also offer attic clean up and insulation removal and replacement to residents of San Diego. We are a full attic care firm.

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