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Attic Restoration in San Diego

We are the highest rated Attic Cleanup, Attic Insulation, and Rodent Proofing company in the San Diego area!

Thanks to our awesome customers and great reviews for making us the #1 ranked Attic Company on Yelp!

Attic Construction puts these core values at the forefront of our business: great customer service, friendly and professional technicians, hassle-free estimates, and the most competitive pricing in the San Diego area.

We stand out from our competition by having the most professional service, best value, and a 1 Year Warranty on all work performed!

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Few people realize they’ve been living with rodents right above their head.

Attics are a haven for unwanted dwellers that bring fleas, mites, ticks, worms, and lice. We specialize in attic clean-up, re-insulation, decontamination, and rodent proofing — ensuring your home is always clean and healthy. Here are a few reasons why we’re the best attic company in San Diego…

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