OC Attic Decontamination

Attic Decontamination

No homeowner wants rats or any type of vermin in the house.

There are lots of common sense ways to cut down on pests in the most lived-in areas of your home. You know to keep food items stored in sealed containers, to clean up crumbs and spills. What’s less obvious is what to do about rodents in other areas in your home—like your attic space.

In fact, attics make some of the most ideal spaces for mice and other rodents to nest. With a comfortable space to call home, they’re more likely to reproduce at will. And more mice means more contaminants and other hazards.

The best defense against these threats? A great offense.

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Orange County Decontamination and Rodent Clean Up Services

Here at Attic Construction, we have a decade of experience servicing Southern Californian attics.

We know the layouts of Southern California homes like the backs of our hands. Our decade of experience sets us apart from any other attic cleaning service:

  • We know what building materials are most common in local buildings
  • We understand what vermin are most common, and what to do about them
  • We operate under a deep practical knowledge of all local laws and regulations

That’s why, for complete eradication and prevention of rodent waste contamination, we’re your best option. After establishing ourselves in San Diego in 2011, we’ve quickly become the #1 rated company for all attic construction, cleaning, and maintenance.

We’re now happy to serve the people of Orange County, as well!

Looking for rodent dropping clean up services in Orange County? What about comprehensive attic decontamination, including rodent removal and of all lingering contaminants? You should be.

If you know or suspect you have rodents in your attic space, you need rodent clean up or decontaminate it ASAP.

Why is Attic Decontamination Important?

Because pests can cause serious damage to you and your house.

On the one hand, rodents and other vermin are extremely dangerous because of their behaviors. Namely, eating. Many pests have a tendency to not just scavenge food, but also chew on and through various materials in your home.

Many invasive species chew at any materials they can find, including things like:

  • Supporting beams – potentially causing structural damage
  • Insulation – impacting temperature and energy efficiency
  • Wires – threatening power outages and even fires

On the other hand, vermin can cause serious health risks through their other biological functions, such as urinating and defecating. Rodent feces is a potent vector for disease.

Some of the illnesses that a heavy rodent infestation can cause include:

  • Meningitis
  • Salmonella
  • Encephalitis
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Murine typhus and leptospirosis
  • Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome

And even a thorough rat feces clean up isn’t enough, as rodent feces aren’t the only contaminants. When they die, their carcasses also leave behind dangerous toxins as they decompose. In addition, these vectors compound with other hazards (like mold).

A true rat infestation clean up is a holistic attic decontamination involving many factors.

How Attic Decontamination and Rodent Cleaning Services Work
Our experts combat these dangers and prevent further attic contamination with a tried and true method we’ve developed over time.

Our attic decontamination process starts with a thorough investigation of the entire attic and any and all related areas. Once the problem(s) and problem area(s) have been determined, we begin our attic cleaning service:

We remove all traces of vermin, including:

  • We remove any and all contaminated insulation
    • Rodent Droppings
    • Carcasses
    • Nests
  • We apply disinfectants to the newly cleaned surfaces
  • We replace attic insulation and install preventative measures

From start to finish, you can count on our technicians’ diligence. We utilize only the best, eco-friendly materials to keep your home and family safe and sustainable.

Our attic decontamination process all starts with an easy, free inspection—a gift from us to you.

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Think you might need an attic cleanup and decontamination? We’ll inspect your attic for free, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. And, for just $95 dollars, we’ll add in a rodent waste clean up for any rat droppings we find. If you decide our full decontamination package is the right choice, we’ll walk you through every step of the process before you commit to anything.

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Rodents Carry Harmful Viruses

When you have rats and mice in your attic, you’re storing much more than old Christmas boxes and clothing. You could be harboring a plethora of harmful diseases and health concerns. Such as:


At Attic Construction, we’ll help you get rid of your rodent problem once and for all through a variety of techniques. Our decontamination services will clear the attic or crawl space of any animal feces or other unwanted matter and then redo your attic insulation to protect your space form future pest issues.

Rodent Cleanup

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We offer a free attic inspection with absolutely NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Request an appointment to have one of our Orange County insulation removal, rodent control and decontamination experts to come to your residence and do a complete inspection today.

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