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Attic Cleaning & Clean Out Services in San Diego

Over time, attics can easily fill up with unwanted junk and insulation that can quickly turns your attic space into a new home for rodents, mice, rats and other creatures. If you suspect there are or have been rats in your attic, then it’s time to call in the professionals.

An attic cleanup job is not always fun…but It is not recommended that residents perform their own attic clean-outs because it can be imperative to their health. DIY solutions, lack the meticulousness of trained professionals. There are also the dangerous risks that come with such efforts.

Attic Construction is the highest ranked Attic Cleaning Company in San Diego. In addition to our attic cleaning/attic clean out services, we also offer Attic Decontamination and Rodent Proofing Services. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have before scheduling your cleanout service with us.

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We are the highest rated Attic Cleaning, Rodent Proofing, and Attic Insulation company in the San Diego area!

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Great work! Our attic went from totally disgusting to pristine.  They are courteous and professional and clean up after themselves.

-Karen L. Santee, CA

Andrew was very informative and helpful during the whole process. Excellent communication and his team did a great job. He came on Sunday and the work was done and completed by Tuesday. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a fair prices and great service.

– Joey E. San Diego, CA

$95 SPECIAL OFFER – Rodent Waste Removal & Sanitation

We’re offering a rodent waste removal and sanitation special attic cleaning service just for San Diego customers. This offer includes an inspection and an attic cleanout service of rodent waste if found in your attic. We’ll also sanitize the area that we find the problem. If you have been wondering, “Where can I find an attic cleanout service near me?”, we can help. Our attic clean out services offer:


No matter what kind of cleaning services you may be looking for, Attic Construction can handle the job!


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Attic Cleanup Curtails Growing Hazards!

Rodent droppings are a telltale sign of infestation. And yes, these leavings can be dangerous. Roundworms and similar parasites are common. They are not the only risk, though. Prolonged infestations can also cause major property damage. Rodents particularly make their homes in walls. They chew through belongings and pollute insulation. As a result, your home can develop mold substances that could spread bacteria and infectious viruses, which can jeopardize your health and those around you. Therefore, ignoring it such signs can lead to sickness and serious property damage.

The longer residents ignore vermin the bigger such ecosystems grow, and the sicker residents can also become. Most people, however, lack the skills and equipment to fix the problem and locate its source. The problem becomes apparent after rodent droppings appear in living areas.

The intensiveness of an attic cleaning process depends on the duration of an infestation. Vermin breed like…vermin. What begins as a small nest can slowly become a vermin colony. Correcting the problem, likewise, increases in cost.

Attics can contain a host of diseases and hazards. Here are just a few:

Save Yourself From the Headache of Do it Yourself Attic Cleanup

Attic cleanup can become a complex affair. Depending on the damage, residents must connect with a variety of contractors such as:


Needless to mention, these are expensive services! Residents typically also deal with the headache of management. Guess who’s contacting all these services? You! Guess who’s scheduling them? You! And guess who must handle misunderstandings? You!

To make matters worse, there can be complications. Relying on comprehensive solutions can be a big mistake. Pest control is usually the simplest step. Their services may be effective at eliminating vermin, but exterminators may not have the same expertise for decontamination as our attic cleaning specialists. The simplest route is not always the most effective. Selecting experts within each field usually leads to the best results.

We offer comprehensive attic cleaning service exactly for this reason. We also strive to make your experience satisfying as possible -circumstances being what they are, of course.

Attic Cleanup is Crucial for Your Health and Property!

Vermin infestations ruin your insulation, walling, and electrical connections.

Contaminated insulations can easily become a home to a number of molds and pathogens, including toxoplasmosis, salmonella, rabies, parasites, rat bite fever, leptospirosis, plague, hanta virus, murine typhus, and eosinophilic meningitis

Houses can be overwhelmed with the odor of feces, urine, and decomposing animal waste.

How Much Does Rodent Infestation Cleanup Cost?

The cost of cleaning up after rodent infestations varies depending on several factors including the extent of:


Consulting with our experts will help you understand how they can help with cleanup, sanitization, and rodent proofing. Schedule a free inspection and we’ll come to your home to provide an estimate.


Animals in Attics Cause Lots of Problems

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Rodents Carry Harmful Viruses

When you have rats and mice in your attic, you’re storing much more than old Christmas boxes and clothing. Your attic storage unit could be harboring a plethora of harmful diseases and health concerns. Such as:storage space could be harboring a plethora of harmful diseases and health concerns. Such as:


At Attic Construction, we’ll help you get rid of your rodent problem once and for all through a variety of techniques. Our decontamination services will provide a clean attic or crawl space of any animal feces or other unwanted matter and we will also redo your attic insulation to protect your attic space from future pest issues. You also take requests for radiant barriers to keep your attic cool during extremely warm climates. Talk to us today!

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