Benefits of installing radiant insulation in your home

It doesn’t matter if the region in which you live has long winter days or lengthy summer days, or an equivalent amount of both. Attic radiant insulation can be selected which excellently handles many weathers.

In the wintertime months, as much as 75% of your homes heat, the heat spawned via the use of running your heating unit or what is attained naturally via any solar heat reflected through the windows, is vanished as it makes its way through the ceiling, attic and then through the roof. Fiberglass or cellulose insulation, which has been the typical insulation formerly, is designed to capture and hold some of this heat. It seizes and holds it; however it doesn’t have the aptitude to reflect it back in to the living space from which it came. Only the use of a radiant barrier or reflective insulation will implement that cost efficient function.

In the summertime months, much of the heat that enters your home comes via the roof as the sun beats down throughout the day often bringing attic temperatures in excess of 130 degrees. Again, standard insulation installation is different than radiant barrier insulation, and it ONLY includes fiberglass and cellulose that will engross this heat; however, when it has reached capacity the heat will look for the colder air that is underneath the attic and in your living areas. The outcome is that the room cooled by your air conditioning unit will need to fight incoming heat from the attic. An enhanced way to insulate your attic is with a radiant barrier that will essentially send that solar heat packing – back where it came from, back into the attic space instead of into your living space.

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