Best Time of Year For a Home Insulation Inspection

Your home is your personal hub, your own private corner in this big world. It’s where you go back to regroup after a long day, where you spend time with loved ones, and where you’re truly free to be yourself. 

As such, you want this space to be as comfortable as possible. Ideally, the humidity and temperature levels should be optimal, the utilities should be in top working condition, and the circulating air should be clean at all times. 

To achieve this level of comfort, regular maintenance and inspection of your home’s insulation should be a priority, whether your home is new construction or a historic landmark. That’s why we’re discussing the best times of the year to have your home insulation inspected and fixed, and some of the signs that should alert you to insulation problems.  

Schedule Your Home Inspection During the Fall and Spring Seasons

The best time for home insulation is definitely during the fall and spring seasons. That’s because:

  • The climate tends to be a bit more moderate during this time of year, and your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system will likely be powered off or working at minimum levels. 
  • It’ll be easier for a home inspector to thoroughly check your home and service any issues without interfering with your comfort.
  • If the insulation assessment determines that repairs are required like insulation removal or a new attic insulation installation, the fall and spring may provide the most comfortable working conditions for the contractors assigned to the job. 

Another reason to schedule your home inspection during either fall or spring is to prepare for extreme conditions. It’s crucial to ensure that your home’s insulation is in prime condition before the summer’s heat or winter’s cold starts. 

By doing so, you’ll ensure that you and your family are shielded from the elements when the time comes. You’ll also avoid the higher energy usage and energy costs that might affect your energy bill, that can come with having a poorly insulated home during the harsh summers and winters.

Signs Your Home Requires an Insulation Inspection

Although the fall and spring are the ideal seasons to have your home’s insulation inspected, they aren’t the only times you might need an inspection. In some cases, there are signs that could alert you to insulation issues, even during the summer or winter. 

Whenever you see the following indicators, be sure to contact a professional to check out your home and offer the best solution as soon as possible:

  • High energy bills – If you notice that your energy bills have increased without any changes in your usage, it could be that your existing insulation or HVAC system has failed or needs repairs. 
  • If your home is old – If you live in an old home (15 years or older), then you’ll certainly benefit from a proper insulation inspection and upgrade. This is because energy efficiency standards keep evolving for the better.1 The effects of elements like moisture, mold, mildew, and rodents can also take their toll on your home’s insulation material over time. 
  • Moisture or water damage – Water damage often goes hand in hand with insulation damage. When any major leaks or pipe bursts happen within your home, the water can easily find its way to your insulation, where it can facilitate its breakdown and degradation. Therefore, be sure to have it inspected and replaced or repaired as required. 
  • The house feels drafty – If you’re experiencing indoor drafts even when all your doors and windows are closed, there’s a high probability your insulation is in need of replacement. 

Benefits of a Proper Home Insulation

Home insulation involves creating a barrier between your home and the outside environment to regulate the internal temperature.2 

Some of the benefits of having adequate insulation in your home include:

  • Reducing the cost of heating and cooling
  • Regulating internal temperatures and preventing related health issues
  • Optimal humidity for a healthier and more comfortable home
  • Saving energy by over 15%3
  • Eliminating condensation on walls and ceilings 

Insulation materials undergo wear and tear with time and require regular maintenance and replacement to stay in top working condition. Given the numerous benefits of a properly insulated home, it’s worth setting aside time to have it inspected once a year. 

Professional Insulation Inspection, Repair, and Installation from Attic Construction

Now that you know the best time to schedule your home and attic insulation inspection, the next step is putting the right people on the job to ensure you’re getting the proper attic insulation in your home. 

While there are some things you can check by yourself, it’s best to trust the professionals with a thorough inspection. Their experience makes it easy for them to maneuver in your crawlspace and attic and identify any signs of trouble you may have missed. 

If you’re looking for attic cleaning in Orange County or have been searching for insulation installation near me, we’ve got you covered. At Attic Construction, our highly skilled professionals have years of experience helping homeowners fix insulation, crawlspace, and attic issues for safe, energy-efficient, and comfortable homes. 

For home insulation inspections done right, choose Attic Construction


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