Stop Rat Damage in your Attic

Stop Rat Damage in your Attic

Rats are the scourge of every homeowner, because they can cause a tremendous amount of damage to a house. This is particularly true in attics, which rats universally love. If you suspect rats are in your attic you must act quickly, or face the prospect of an infestation. Let’s take a closer look at the damage rats can cause – and how to get rid of them.


What kind of damage can one rat do to your attic? The truth is that one rat won’t do much damage at all. The problem, of course, is there is never just one rat. Rats breed quickly. One pair of rats can produce as many as 2,000 offspring a year. Yes, 2,000 baby rats in your attic. Predators, or a lack of food, are about the only things that will slow them down.

Insulation is the first target of a rat infestation. Rodents use the fibers to build nests and create pathways throughout the attic. Humans have duct tape – the rat equivalent is insulation. Ultimately, this results in your home’s insulation losing much of its functionality. If your heating bills seem to go up a bit more than you would expect every year, this may well be the problem.

A rat problem can also cause major health issues. They will defecate and urinate all over the attic. This introduces parasites, bacteria and other nasty microscopic creatures to the interior environment of your home.

Then there is death. While rats have been blamed for spreading plagues throughout history, we are talking about a different type of death in this case – a dead rat inside the walls of your home. The smell is legendary, difficult to remove, and not something you would ever want to experience.


Once you realize you have a rat problem, decontaminating the attic and walls is a must. It’s highly recommended that you use a professional service since getting rid of rats requires a thorough effort. The general strategy first focuses on eradicating the rats. This is done through trapping and poisoning. Trapping is fairly simple, but the process of poisoning rats must be handled carefully. Again, the use of a professional is highly advised. The last thing you want to do is poison your cat, dog or child.

After the eradication is underway, the home needs to be inspected closely to identify all of the places where rats might be able to enter the structure. Any opening larger than a dime should be sealed. If this step is not taken, there is nothing to stop more rats from settling in your home again.

The final step is to decontaminate the attic. All waste must be picked up and removed. Areas where rats have relieved themselves should be cleaned with a disinfectant, or a mixture of bleach and water. The insulation should then be closely inspected to determine how much damage has been done by the rats, and if mold is present. In most cases, some or all of the insulation will need to be replaced.

Getting Help

A rat problem is more than just an annoyance and should be taken seriously. Rats can cause damage to your home and are known to carry disease. If you suspect rats are in your attic, contact us today to arrange an inspection.

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