What is Attic Air Sealing?

Your home is built to protect you from the elements, but not all homes are created equally. As much as 30% of your energy usage is wasted on air leaks throughout your house, and the attic is one of the biggest offenders. When you have significant leaks, warm or cold air that travels through ducts in your HVAC system will get trapped in the attic, causing a spike in your energy bill. It can also affect the comfort of your home, allowing outside air to travel freely into your house and letting the conditioned air escape. Attic insulation installation and air sealing work to prevent these problems and can provide a variety of other benefits as well. 

The prospect of air-sealing attic crawl spaces on your own is daunting, but an experienced contractor can ensure you use the right materials and address all of the common concerns. Additionally, they can help you install insulation and improve ventilation for increased energy efficiency and a more comfortable home. So how do you know if you need to air seal your attic, and what does it entail? 

When to consider attic air sealing 

Air sealing attic bypasses is a process that involves finding areas where conditioned air can impact the home and sealing them off. Hiring a professional who knows how to air seal attic crawl spaces offers many benefits, including a lower utility bill, improved indoor air quality, humidity control, and improved efficiency of your HVAC system while protecting it from wear and tear. The process can also reduce your carbon footprint and make your home more eco-friendly. A well-sealed home can protect you from pest invasions by reducing entry points for insects and other small animals, as well as keep dust and dirt from blowing into your home.

While many newer homes are designed with up-to-date energy efficiency features to keep your home from leaking air, they require maintenance to reap the full benefits. On the other hand, older homes are often designed to outdated standards and lose a lot of air. If you’re not sure whether or not your attic is insulated, or if there are significant air leaks, it’s worth taking some time for an inspection. If access to your attic space is unsafe, or you notice mold or mildew, you should hire a contractor that provides complete attic air sealing services to take a closer look. They can identify problems, help you address the issue much faster than you can on your own, and ultimately determine the answer to the question of “is air sealing the attic worth it?” 

Signs you may need to consider air sealing attic space include:  

  • Noticeable drafts
  • Uneven heating and cooling throughout the home
  • High energy bill 
  • Excess dust
  • Dry air in the winter

Air sealing alone isn’t enough

Eliminating air leakage is only one step in the process of improving your home energy usage. Without insulation, it is much harder to maintain the ideal climate indoors. Insulation works by reducing the transfer of heat from one space to another, and it also can help you control moisture in your attic. 

There are a variety of insulation types, and trying to figure out the best type for your home involves careful consideration. Marketing for some insulation types leaves out many drawbacks that come along with them, such as how well their ability is to control fire or pests, and how well they stand up over the years. A professional can educate you on the advantages of different materials, such as fiberglass batts, spray foam, or cellulose insulation, and help you find the best value for your home. 

The other important factor for keeping your home comfortable is ventilation. Improving ventilation will keep your home cooler by moving warm air outside, and protect your insulation from water damage by minimizing moisture buildup. However, adding too much insulation or sealing off your attic improperly can have a negative effect on your home’s ventilation. A contractor will have the experience to add proper insulation and seal areas carefully without obstructing the airflow in the attic. They can also repair a malfunctioning ventilation system so you can protect your home and keep it comfortable. 

Insulation and ventilation should also be considered together if you want the full benefits of air sealing attic spaces and get the most out of the money you spend on the project, and the best way to do this is with expert guidance. 

Why you should hire a professional 

There are many safety issues with working in the attic, even for people with a lot of DIY experience. Simply accessing the attic and working in a limited space can be risky unless you have experience.  Older types of wiring in the attic can be a fire hazard around insulation, and a professional will know how to mitigate these issues. These same homes may have insulation that contains asbestos, which requires special care to handle. Additionally, the attic can get very hot, which puts you at risk for heatstroke if you don’t take the proper precautions.

A professional has the tools and training to get the job done safely and thoroughly, without eating into your free time. Using a professional will also ensure your home warranty and insurance covers any future issues in your attic. The team at Attic Construction is licensed, bonded, and insured, and we offer a free one-year warranty for all our work. Here are some of the steps we take as we approach your project:

Identifying and sealing attic air leaks 

Our expertise allows us to quickly identify air leaks in your attic. We will check and seal fixtures that penetrate the attic floor or ceiling, such as light fixtures, vents, chimneys, pipes, wiring, and electrical outlets. As we identify attic air leaks, we can seal them off using caulk, spray foam, or aluminum flashing as needed. We can also add weather stripping to the attic hatch. 

Inspecting the ductwork

Our team can identify damaged or leaky ductwork and repair it, as well as clear out obstructions or dirt that is reducing your HVAC system’s efficiency and affecting your indoor air quality. Our team can also repair tangled or kink ducts and help you decide whether repair or replacement is the best option for your home. Repairing your ductwork can help you keep your home cleaner and reduce allergy symptoms.

Adding insulation

Proper insulation is best left to the professionals. Our experts can evaluate the condition of your home’s current insulation and help you determine the best places to add fiberglass insulation and the best R-value for your home. We offer insulation for the attic, ductwork, exterior, and interior walls, and in the crawl space underneath your floor. We can also help you determine whether to remove existing insulation or supplement it. 

Moisture control 

There are many ways that moisture can enter your attic. If the kitchen, bathroom, or dryer is blowing humid air into your attic, this can create a mold and mildew risk. Additionally, excess water can build up when there is too much hot air in the attic in the summer. The moisture can ruin your insulation and cause wood to rot, which can compromise the structure of your home.

Installing a radiant barrier

Unlike ventilation or insulation, radiant barriers help regulate your home’s temperature by preventing hot air from getting into the attic in the first place. We can help you select and install a radiant barrier with the best reflectivity and emissivity for your particular home. 

Pest control 

Rats, mice, and other animals may try to make a home in your attic. They can chew through your attic insulation, wiring, and roof framing, causing extensive damage. Some of these animals carry diseases that can have serious health consequences. While an exterminator can take care of the problem once they’ve nested, our team can prevent them from entering your home in the first place. This can save you money on home repairs and protect your family from diseases. 

Ventilation repair 

If your ventilation system isn’t functioning properly, adding insulation and sealing the attic will exacerbate the problem. Our team will evaluate your current ventilation and make repairs to your system as needed to prevent lost air from your HVAC system and keep your attic cooler in the summer. 

Experienced professionals you can depend on

If you want to save money on your monthly energy bills, improve your energy efficiency, and protect your HVAC system, we can help. Attic Construction provides attic air sealing and insulation services in San Diego, Orange County, and the Phoenix area. Whether you need an attic insulation removal in Orange County or decontamination services in Phoenix…we got you covered!
Our team of qualified experts draws from over a decade of experience, and we can help you locate air leakage, seal your attic and provide insulation. We also offer crawl space and attic clean-up and decontamination services to address health concerns caused by a rodent infestation or mold. 

Our offices are open 7 days a week and we can work with your schedule to set up a free inspection at a time that’s most convenient to you. Once we arrive, we will do a thorough inspection of your space, take detailed photos and provide an immediate estimate before we leave. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your home’s efficiency and keep you comfortable year-round. 


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