Why Roof Rats Chew on Wires

The thought of having roof rats in your attic is scary, but many people live with them without even knowing it.

However, the worst part about living with rats is the fire danger and the potential property destruction. Roof rats eat wires on a regular basis; it’s deep within their nature. When you understand why a roof rat eats wires, you’ll know that it’s better to just get rid of them altogether.

Why Roof Rats Eat Wires

Rats eat wires and cause property destruction because their teeth are constantly growing. This is similar to claws on cats; since they are constantly growing, they have to be dealt with on a regular basis. By chewing on wires, rats get rid of the pain and they also keep their teeth in great shape. Although this may seem annoying to us humans, it’s in the rat’s nature to do so and there is nothing we can do in order to prevent them from chewing on wires.

The Potential Risks Involved

Where there are rats, there is fire danger. Chewed wires get split open and with electrical current that constantly flows in those wires, a spark could quickly occur. When a roof rat chews on your wires, they remove the protective insulation that prevents the wire from being dangerous. Most fires happen because of electrical issues and many electrical issues arise from rodents that chew on them. Getting rid of  roof rats and other rodents can prevent the high risk of fire danger.

It’s important to deal with rat infestations as soon as possible. Fire danger is something that you should be extremely cautious with. As soon as you have broken wires in your home, your risks of having your house go up in flames triple.

Preventing Rats from Getting in

It’s important to get rid of the roof rats for good and not just solve the problem on a temporary basis. Many people place rat traps in their attics or crawl spaces, but this is only a temporary fix to the problem. Sure, you will most likely catch a few of them, but they will just keep coming back. In order to put the property destruction to a stop for good, it’s important figure out where the rats are entering and seal up the entry points.

Getting the services of a professional company that specializes in attic insulation is highly recommended. Rodent proofing specialists make it impossible for rodents such as rats to return into your attic. This will most likely save you thousands of dollars in property repairs over the years and it could very well save your life. Fire danger is huge with chewed wires and making sure that your electrical wires are in order is of utmost importance.

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