Why You Need Attic Cleaning Services in Orange County

Most homeowners rarely go into their attic. If they do, it’s usually to store seasonal or rarely used items. While it is understandable to pay little attention to your attic, neglecting it can significantly impact your home. Attics play an essential role in how our homes regulate temperature and moisture, and the quality of air in your attic will have a significant impact on air quality throughout your home.

Cleaning up your attic space so that it is clean, dry, and free of debris, rodents, and mold is a great way to boost your home’s efficiency and improve your indoor air quality. Attic cleaning services help homeowners achieve the benefits of a clean attic safely and cost-effectively.

What are Attic Cleaning Services?

Attics should always be kept dry, clean, and free of debris or pests. Attic cleaning services return neglected or unkempt attics to that baseline, ideal condition.

Generally speaking, any professional attic cleaning will begin with an inspection that assesses the attic space condition. The inspector will identify common problems, such as a rodent infestation, water damage, or old and damaged insulation, and then describe the specific services they’ll render to return the attic space to good condition. During a professional attic cleaning, the company you work with may:

  • Help remove any junk you don’t want to be stored in your attic or no longer need.
  • Remove any dust and debris that has accumulated in a crawl space.
  • Address any water damage or mold that may have occurred.
  • Remediate a rodent infestation.
  • Address any mold growth or water damage.
  • Remove any contaminated or old insulation.
  • Replace insulation if any removal took place.

Attic cleaning services have several moving parts, and the specific steps taken in your attic space will depend on the current condition of your attic. The best way to understand what cleanup services your attic will require is to schedule an inspection. No need to search for “insulation removal near me”, just navigate our main menu to find the nearest location near you! Here at Attic Construction, we have decades of experience offering attic cleaning services in Orange County, so we can tell you precisely what it will take to return your attic to excellent condition!

The Importance of Attic Cleaning

Attics must be kept clean and dry, but why is that the case? 

  • Attics Affect the Air Quality Throughout Your Home

The air in your attic affects the air throughout your home. More specifically, any contaminants in your attic can circulate throughout your home. This isn’t a problem if your attic is clean and dry, but it can be a huge problem if there is a rodent infestation, mold, or other environmental contaminants such as dust are allowed to gather and settle.

  • Attic Insulation is Key for Home Efficiency

The insulation in your home creates barriers between the outside air and your home’s conditioned internal spaces. Insulation helps resist the transfer of heat between one space and another. Damaged, insufficient, improperly installed, or neglected attic insulation isn’t an effective insulator. Regular attic cleaning will ensure your insulation remains in optimal condition.

Top Signs You Might Need An Attic Cleanup

Homeowners should regularly have their attic professionally inspected to ensure their attic insulation remains in optimal health. If you haven’t had your attic inspected in a while, here are a few of the top signs you might need to schedule an inspection:

  • Temperature Fluctuations – If you find that your home becomes very hot during Southern California summers, or very cold during the winter, it may be compromised attic insulation. Effective insulation should reduce the temperature fluctuations in the conditioned space of your home. If that’s not happening, it may be a sign of a problem!
  • Unpleasant Smells or Foul Odor, Scratching Sounds – Unpleasant smells and the sound of a scurrying critter or pest in your ceiling at night are a sure sign that you need to have your attic checked. Attic insulation makes great nesting material for rodents, and an unprotected attic space is a great refuge from predators. Don’t let a rodent infestation go unaddressed, as the rodent feces, urine, and decaying bodies can negatively impact the air quality throughout your home.
  • Higher Energy Bills – Higher energy bills are a sign that your home is less efficient than it used to be. Your attic insulation has a big impact on your home’s efficiency, so if you notice your utility bills climbing, be sure to schedule an inspection of your attic to see if a cleanup can help!.
  • Insulation That Appears Old or Moldy – Faded and tattered attic insulation is probably in need of an adequate updating. The same is true if there’s any visible damage, such as mold growth from moisture. Any sign of moisture should be immediately addressed, as mold can impact your home’s air quality, and wet insulation isn’t effective insulation.

Leave it to the Professionals

If your attic is musty, overcrowded, or has been neglected for years, it may be tempting to try to clean it yourself.  We highly recommend that you use professionals for any attic cleanup project. Neglected attic spaces can harbor any number of pitfalls, from tricky footing that can lead to a fall to removing debris or old insulation contaminated with rodent feces and urine.

An attic cleaning service should be handled with the proper precautions and equipment, and any debris or contaminants must be disposed of. In light of that, for any attic cleaning in Orange County, be sure to leave it to the professionals! 

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best attic cleanup in the Orange County area, our team at Attic Construction has got you covered! We’ve been doing attic cleanup in the Orange County area for decades, and understand how important a well-maintained attic space is.

If you’ve noticed your utility bills creeping higher, your rooms becoming warmer or colder, or have heard or smelled any signs of a rodent problem, take the time to schedule a professional inspection! We also provide Orange County insulation installation services alongside our attic cleaning services! Our staff will be able to let you know exactly what’s needed to return your attic to peak health. To learn more, contact Attic Construction today!


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