3 Reasons To Call A Professional Rat Removal Company

If you’re a homeowner with access to the internet then you probably already know how quick and easy it is to search for, and find, a DIY solution to almost any problem you could have with your home. The same holds true for rat removal. A quick google search will turn up 100s of DIY rat removal solutions instantly. However, DIY rat removal is highly dangerous and is never a good idea. Here are three main reasons to call a professional rat removal company instead:


    1. Health Hazards – Rodents carry a myriad of dangerous, highly contagious diseases including things like hanta virus, hemmorhagic fever, salmonella, rat bite fever and typhus. These diseases can be spread through direct contact, like rat bites, or simply by breathing contaminated air. Attempting to take care of a home rodent infestation on your own, especially without the proper training or equipment, exposes you to these diseases directly and increases your chance of getting sick.
    2. Dangerous Debris – Rats are highly destructive, and wherever they nest they are likely to cause destruction leaving dangerous debris in their wake. In addition to this, rodents tend to nest in tight spaces, like attics and crawl spaces, which are generally harder to move around and maneuver in. Attempting to remove rats on your own means being in very close quarters with some dangerous debris including things like rat feces and urine, destroyed insulation, dead animal carcasses, and frayed/exposed electrical wiring. Plus, dealing with an active rodent infestation in your home means you also risk running into live rats who may attempt to bite you if they feel threatened.
    3. Ineffective Solution – Rodents breed quickly making rodent infestations hard to handle even for traditional pest control companies. Attempting to set down traps and lay out poison for rodents in your home can be dangerous if you aren’t trained to do so. And, even if you are able to successfully trap and poison some of the rats in your home, it is unlikely to solve your rodent problem for good. In order to permanently end a rodent infestation, you’ll need to hire a rat removal company that specializes in rodent proofing. Rodent proofing your home requires a technician who understands how to find and seal rodent entry points in order to prevent reinfestation. Simply using traps or poison will not get rid of your rodent problem. And, if all rodent access points in your home aren’t sealed properly rodents will find their way back in and your problem will start all over again.


Rat removal isn’t a DIY job. Permanent rodent removal requires specialized knowledge and professional grade equipment to be done correctly. If you’re dealing with a rodent infestation, don’t gamble with your health or your home by using a DIY rat removal solution off the internet. Instead, call a professional rat removal company as quickly as possible and have them do a thorough inspection of your house. Once they’ve inspected your home, these professional technicians will be able to recommend and carry out a permanent solution to your rodent problems and restore your home to a healthy environment.


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