How Do You Know When It’s Time to Do Some Rodent Prevention? 4 Signs to Watch Out For

If you are suspicious of a rodent problem in your home, there are many tell-tale signs that can alert you to the issue and let you know it’s time to consult a professional rodent exterminator. Catching a rodent problem early is the best defense to preventing an infestation. Take note of the following signs of mice and rats in your home and call a professional to help with rodent control, extermination, and home protection services:


1. Odors and Droppings

Mice and rats have differently sized droppings, but both look like foreign, dark pellets. Fresh droppings are shiny, while old droppings will be dry and crumble. If you’re seeing clusters of small, dark droppings in certain areas, that is an indication of a rodent runway. These pathways are the spaces where the rodents are frequently moving around your home. Mice and rats typically use ledges, cabinets, space near shoe molding, along walls, or piping to move about the room to try to avoid detection. Placing traps near these spaces makes it easier to catch and control the rodents in your home.

In addition, you may smell the musky odor of rodent urine. When a few mice have turned into an infestation, the scent is easily detected in a home and can be difficult to eradicate until the rodents have been eliminated. Be sure to thoroughly clean your home for both urine and droppings when your rodent problem is under control.


2. Pet Behavior

If you have pets in your home, they may exhibit skittish behavior or may be prone to barking with no provocation. They also spend time investigating, sniffing, or pawing at spaces under furniture, appliances, and around shoe molding. Your pets are clued into the unwelcome house guests, and a change in their behavior is an indication that something is amiss in your home.


3. Noises

Rodents are often heard before they are seen. While many people associate squeaking noises with mice, you’ll hear scampering first, especially in a home with hardwood floors and exposed vents. Since mice and rats are nocturnal, and you’re more likely to hear these noises at night. If a rodent is attempting to gain entry or gnawing on structures to keep teeth short, you may hear a sound that resembles scratching.


4. Chew Marks

When you pull a packaged food out of a cabinet and see a hole in the side of the bag, there’s a very good chance you have a mouse in your home. Any food item that is not sealed in impenetrable plastic can fall victim to rodents. But less conspicuous chew marks on wood in your home, like on baseboards, corners, and furniture can also be the first sign of rodents. Look for unusual wear and tear on wood in your home, and check food for signs of tampering. Β 


Rodent Prevention Techniques

If you think you might have a problem with mice or rats, hiring a rodent removal company is an important step to protecting your family from unwanted guests and the issues that accompany rodent infestations. But don’t forget to prevent your home from future infestations. The best way to avoid a rodent problem is to seal entry points before rodents can enter your home and to get a regularly scheduled attic cleaning to avoid attracting them.

Attic Construction in San Diego, Orange County and Phoenix is an insulation installation company that can help protect the most vulnerable place in your home – the attic. Mice and rodents are great climbers and find entry points where there are holes or not enough insulation. Get a quote today for rodent proofing services.

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