The Benefits Of Installing Radiant Insulation In Your Home

Adding radiant barrier (also called radiant foil) to your traditional home attic insulation in San DiegoΒ can upsurge your home’s energy efficiency. Why does radiant barrier work? Well, heat travels from hot to cold. In cold climate, what you need to be alarmed about is the heat getting out and not so much about the cold getting in. The procedure is called “heat loss,” and the objective with any kind of insulation is to lessen heat loss. Radiant insulation San Diego barrier aids with heat loss by decreasing heat loss in its radiant form and by decreasing what is called “convective looping.” Convective looping has to do with the air movement inside your conventional insulation. The greater the degree of air flow, the more your R-value will be decreased.

Additionally, there are other advantages of using radiant insulation. It is lightweight and much easier to install, and after installation, there is less cleanup as there is little risk of tearing or spilling as in old-style fiberglass insulation. Another imperative factor to contemplate is the safety of each product. Fiberglass insulation can be hazardous to the skin, lungs and eyes and necessitates protective clothing and gear. Radiant barrier insulation, however, is wholly safe to touch and move and necessitates nothing more than your normal garments.

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