How To Choose Between Insulation Companies

Choosing between insulation companies or even determining whether or not your attic insulation needs to be replaced can be a difficult task. Attic insulation is an essential part of any home’s interior, but most people rarely give their home insulation a second thought. Remember, there are several reasons to get your attic insulation replaced from decreasing your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint, to keeping your home environment as safe and healthy as possible. 

Evaluate Insulation Companies Based On Need

There are lots of different kinds of insulation companies out there, so determining your needs before you start searching for the right insulation company for you is crucial. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you start calling insulation companies:


> Do you need insulation evaluation? If you’re not sure whether or not your insulation needs to be replaced, be sure to call a company that specializes in energy audit and evaluation services. Insulation companies with those specialties will be able to send out professional energy auditors to determine if your insulation needs to be replaced or if you are losing energy somewhere else in your home.


> What kind of insulation do you currently have, and what kind of insulation do you want? Is the current insulation in your home blown in insulation or batt? Is it made of fiberglass, or foam? The type of insulation you have in your home changes the work required to remove and replace it. For example, blown in insulation will require a special blowing machine to ensure thorough even insulation overage. And, batt insulation will need to be removed and installed completely by hand, which can be time consuming. When you’re evaluating potential insulation companies, check to see what kinds of insulation they are equipped to deal with. If you are looking insulation that is made from eco-friendly materials be sure to double check that the insulation company you’re considering offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation.


> Are you dealing with a rodent or pest infestation? Replacing insulation after a rodent infestation is tricky and can be dangerous. Rodents make their nests in insulation and the area can be contaminated by rodent droppings, urine and even dead rodent carcasses. In situations like these, special equipment and knowledge will be needed to ensure that the area is thoroughly decontaminated to prevent the spread of disease. In order to remove and replace your home insulation in a way that is safe and sanitary you will need to look for insulation companies who specialize in dealing with cleanup and decontamination in addition to traditional insulation installation.


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