Permanent Rat Pest Control

The only form of completely permanent rat pest control is called rodent proofing. Rodent proofing is accomplished without the use of any dangerous chemicals poisons or traps. It involves three major phases – inspection, home sealing and cleaning and decontamination.


Initial Home Inspection

Every successful rodent proofing job begins with a thorough inspection of the property. Professional rat pest control technicians will be looking closely at your home to see where the infestation is and to find any rodent entry access points in your baseboards, walls or roof. Because rodents are highly flexible and can squeeze through a gap as small as a quarter, rat pest control specialists will need to take their time and comb through every inch of your house looking for potential entry points.


Home Sealing

Once the rat pest control technicians have figured out where all of the potential rodent entry access points in your home are, it is time to seal them. Your rat pest control professional will go to each individual entry point and seal it using a mix of professional grade sealant and wire mesh. Sealing these entry points are what prevent future rodent infestations and make rodent proofing a truly permanent solution for homeowners. When hiring a rodent proofing company, be sure to get one that guarantees the permanency of their rodent proofing with a 12 month warranty.


Cleaning And Decontamination

After your rodent infestation has been taken care of and your home has been properly sealed, it’s time to deal with the aftermath of the infestation itself. Rodent infestations can cause massive damage to homes. Frayed electrical wiring, rotting rat carcasses, ripped up insulation and copious amounts of rat urine and feces make the cleanup after an infestation a job for professionals. A professional rat pest control company will have equipment to ensure that your home is not only cleaned, but professionally decontaminated. Rats carry a number of dangerous, highly contagious diseases including hanta virus, hemmorhagic fever, salmonella, rat bite fever and typhus. Professional decontamination is the only way to ensure that any lingering disease particles are completely eradicated.


The high speed breeding cycle of rodents makes setting traps or putting out poisons a highly inefficient way to go about rat pest control. Instead of buying a temporary solution to your rat problems, invest in rodent proofing and rid your home of rats for good. Hiring a professional rat pest control company not only assures that your home remains rodent free for good, it ensures that the entire process is done safely and that your home is restored to a healthy environment.


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