How To Remove Batt Insulation

Have you inspected the insulated areas of your home recently?

For those who live in older homes, you may want to consider taking a look at your attic or crawl space—or hiring a professional to do so. Insulation can only last so long, and after several decades it may become worn out, torn, or even contaminated. Removing old insulation is the best way to start fresh and improve the temperature and air quality within your home.

But how does it work? 

Some people choose to remove their old attic insulation themselves, but this can be a difficult process that may pose safety risks to those who are untrained. For more information about how a professional will perform this job, read on for everything you need to know about how to remove batt insulation.

What is Batt Insulation?

Depending on the type of insulation material you currently have, the removal process is going to look a bit different.

The most common form of insulation is called fiberglass batt insulation. Batt insulation is typically made from fiberglass or mineral wool. This material is cut into strips that fit perfectly between the slats and boards of standard homes, particularly in walls and attics.

Batt insulation is different from blown in insulation because it’s installed piece by piece. Blown in insulation will typically require an industrial hose to spray the material into more misshapen areas. The same logic is applied to each type of insulation’s removal process, as well.

How is Batt Insulation Removed?

The professional removal of batt insulation will typically require three steps:

  • Preparation – Be sure to prepare your attic space before insulation removal. All furniture and personal belongings must be stored elsewhere until the process is complete. Laying down plastic sheeting in and around the area is another step that will keep your home safe and clean while removing the insulation.
  • Hand removal – The next step is a very important and difficult labor task, which is removing batt insulation by rolling up each individual piece by hand. The blankets are then transported out of the home in secure disposal or garbage bags.
  • Vacuum – Finally, a vacuum is used to clear up any debris that was scattered during the removal process. This step must be thoroughly performed to ensure no leftover materials contaminate or compromise the new insulation once it’s installed.

Following the removal process, you’ll want to have new insulation installed as soon as possible. Without proper insulation, you run the risk of extreme temperatures, draftiness, and higher utility bills in your home. 

Why Should You Hire a Professional to Remove Your Insulation?

Although it’s possible to remove batt insulation yourself, there are benefits that come with hiring a professional to do the job. Insulation removal can be a difficult process, and opting to DIY this task will pose several risks:

  • Contamination – Older existing insulation may be contaminated with mold or mildew if moisture has found its way into the area. Safely disposing of this contaminated material can be tricky without the proper equipment. If you see discoloration on the surface of your insulation, it’s best to call a professional to remove it so you don’t risk breathing in anything dangerous.
  • Pests – Another health risk when removing old insulation is pests. Rodents often borrow into the insulation of older homes, and dealing with them should not be taken lately as it can quickly turn into a rodent infestation. Additionally, these vermin can potentially spread disease to you and your family. A professional removal company will have the proper rodent proofing materials to decontaminate the space and prevent any future infestations.
  • Risk of falling – Many attics lack the proper support needed to walk around freely. When you choose to remove insulation yourself, you run the risk of falling through crevices and getting hurt. A team of professionals will be able to set up a safe workplace and avoid any accidents while on the job.

Removing your own batt insulation comes with many risks. If you’re hiring professionals to install the new insulation, it may be the best choice to opt for removal services as well, as this will ensure the job is done correctly and safely. 

Professional removal will also be the best choice when it comes to contamination concerns, which can be difficult to handle without the proper know-how.

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