Rodent Proofing vs. Extermination

If you’ve had issues with a rodent infestation in your home, you may have noticed that rodent control companies have two very distinct ways of dealing with your rodent issue. Many traditional pest control companies emphasize extermination services, while other companies may offer β€œrodent proofing” services. Understanding the difference between these two types of rodent control services is crucial to selecting a rodent control company that meets your needs and will solve your rat problem for good.


Extermination Means Poison And Traps.

When a pest control company talks about extermination services they are talking about poison and traps. Simply put, the goal of extermination is to kill off the active rat population in your home using rodent traps and rat poison. Unfortunately, although this sounds like it would be the easiest solution, extermination comes with a long list of cons, including:

  • Time Consuming – Extermination is not a β€œquick fix” for your rodent problem. It can take several days and multiple doses of poison to kill a rat.
  • Dangerous For Children And Pets – Leaving poison or active traps around your home can be hazardous, especially to small children and pets. If you are opting to hire an exterminator be sure you know what chemicals will be used in your home and where so that you can set up the proper precautions to keep your children and pets safe.
  • Unsanitary – Poisoned rats can die in the walls of your home, leaving you rotting animal carcasses in your attic and crawlspaces. These decaying bodies can cause foul odors and provide a breeding ground for bacteria and disease.
  • A Temporary Solution – Rats breed quickly. Trapping and poisoning rats might kill-off some of the current infestation, but it does nothing to protect your home from future infestation. This makes trapping and poisoning rodents a full-time, never-ending job!


Rodent Proofing Is Permanent.

Rodent proofing a home is the only way to ensure that your home will be permanently protected from future rodent infestation. Best of all, rodent proofing can be done without any dangerous chemicals or traps. How does it work? The rodent proofing process is done in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Inspection – Every rodent proofing job will start with inspection of your attic for rodent entry access points. Rodent infestation is only possible when these holes and gaps are left unsealed.
  • Phase 2: Sealing – After identifying all possible rodent access points, these entry ways are sealed with professional grade sealant and steel mesh, denying access to new rodents and preventing infestation.
  • Phase 3: Cleanup – Once all the entry points are sealed your attic is cleaned, disinfected and deodorized.


Whether you choose to hire a company specializing rodent clean up or one skilled in extermination, it is important to act quickly if you suspect your home is infested. Rodents can damage your home and spread disease, so it is absolutely imperative to call a professional pest control or rodent proofing company right away!


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