How to Choose A Rodent Removal Company

So you’ve got rats in your attic… now what? If you’re dealing with a rodent infestation, time is of the essence. You’ll want to call a professional rodent removal company right away to remove any lingering rodents, protect your family’s health and prevent lasting damage to your home. Here are a few tips for choosing a rodent removal company:


Understand Your Options.

There are two main types of rodent removal company out there – extermination companies and rodent proofing companies. Understanding what both types of companies really offer is crucial to deciding which company you’ll call.

  • Exterminators – Extermination companies focus specifically on killing live rodents and other pests. Companies advertising general pest control, that place emphasis on trapping and poisoning services are usually extermination companies. These companies will use things like rodent trapping and poisoning to control the rodent population in your home. If you plan on using an extermination company be sure to ask them about what kinds of poisons they may be used in your home as these can be harmful to pets and small children. Also ask them about discounts on ongoing service contracts as well, as rodents breed quickly and a single extermination session is unlikely to eliminate a rodent infestation permanently.
  • Rodent Proofing – Rodent proofing companies focus on sealing up entry points in your home to eliminate rodent infestations permanently. These companies are often made up of construction and cleaning specialists rather than traditional pest control specialists. Rodent proofing is a complex process, but is usually performed without the use of dangerous poisons or traps, which is ideal for people with curious pets or small children. Be sure to ask if they offer cleaning services as well as you will want to have the infested area thoroughly decontaminated after all rodent entry points have been sealed.



Choose A Company With A Guarantee.

It is crucial to work with a rodent removal company that guarantees their services and really stands behind their work. That way, if anything goes wrong or your home becomes reinfested you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that the company that did the work is also willing to take full responsibility for any mistakes and fix them promptly.


Things to Keep In Mind:

A pest control service might do a great job in the trapping and removal of rats, mice, or other squirrelly rodents, but they do not have the incentive to keep them out. Rodent-proofing goes beyond the trapping or killing of rats and actually seals your home so rodents do not have a point of entry. Identifying and properly fortifying points of entry can take experience, after all, rodents are experts at sneaking into safe homes and turning them into nests.


Find Out What Others Have To Say.

When you’re looking to hire a rodent removal company be sure to look for company testimonials and reviews. Don’t just look at the testimonials they have put on their site either. Be sure to look at sites like Yelp, the BBB and Angie’s List to find out exactly what their customers are saying about them. Companies with a high number of good reviews are more likely to be doing good quality work.


Rodent infestations are damaging to both your home and your health. Subpar rodent removal companies can fail to fully treat rodent infestation or even leave your home vulnerable to future infestation. This is why it is crucial to find a reputable rodent removal company that guarantees their work and will solve your problem quickly, efficiently and permanently.

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