How To Prepare Your Home For Rodent Control Services

If you’re dealing with a rodent infestation in your home, chances are you’ve already called a professional rodent control service to handle the problem. This is a great first step to fixing your rodent problem. Hiring a professional rodent control service or rodent proofing company, however, is only the beginning. Before the pest control and rodent proofing technicians arrive, ask them if there is anything they recommend you do to prepare for their visit. You’ll want to prep your home as much as possible to ensure your family’s health and safety are protected and to prevent re-infestation.


Here are a few ways to help prepare your home before the pest control service technicians arrive:


  1. Move Food Into Storage: Rats and mice are attracted to homes by open food, and you’ll want to attract as few new rodents as possible before your home is treated. Common sources of “open” foods that attract rats include things like chips, nuts, pet food and fruit. Be sure that no food is left out and that everything is either stored in heavy duty, airtight containers or placed in the refrigerator. Especially if you’re hiring exterminators who will be using poison in your home, you will want to be sure that nothing is left out that could accidentally be contaminated.
  2. Report All Rodent Access Points: Rodents are master contortionists and are able to squeeze their bodies through holes the size of a quarter. If you’ve noticed any obvious holes in your walls or baseboards, be sure to report them to the rodent proofing technicians when they get to your home. These could be the access points rodents are using to get into your home and they will need to be properly sealed. If you’ve hired a rodent proofing company, their skilled technicians will ensure that all these entry points are professionally sealed in order to prevent reinfestation in your home.
  3. Tell Your Technician Where You’ve Seen Rodents: If you’ve hired an extermination company, letting your pest control technician know where you’ve seen rodents can help them figure out the best locations in your home to place traps or poison. This may also help your rodent control technicians locate additional rodent access points to seal.
  4. Eliminate Any Unnecessary Storage: Before any rodent control service professionals arrive be sure to clean your home and eliminate any unnecessary storage boxes. Doing this allows your technicians easy access to all areas of your home and can help facilitate the process of setting traps, putting out poison and disinfecting infested areas.


Failing to properly prepare your home for your rodent control specialists could make the treatment of your home unsafe or inadvertently contribute to your home’s reinfestation, so it is important to follow any and all preparation instructions given to you by your rodent control team. And, if you are unable or uncomfortable completing any preparative task be sure to let your rodent control company know. Most importantly, if you are specifically told not to do something by your rodent control company do not do it. Attempting DIY rodent control is ineffective and can be dangerous to your health.


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