The Long-Term Value of the Short-Term Attic Cleaning Cost


Attics don’t get the love they deserve. They provide a space for seasonal decorations and clothes to live in when they’re not needed; they protect treasured items like family heirlooms, antique furniture, and jewelry; and serve a lot of purposes that we don’t always give a lot of thought to.

Since we don’t head up to our attics often enough, it’s easy for them to not be part of our usual cleaning routine. When spring cleaning comes around, you may get the carpets and drapes professionally steamed, but the attic goes untouched. Here are just a few reasons why regular the cost of an attic clean out quickly pays for itself.



1. Check for Mice and Other Rodents

Many people believe that rodents head to places like attics and basements in colder months to create a nest before winter. This is only partially true. No matter the weather, a good nest is a good nest and that’s what most attics are.

Attics shelter rodents from the elements and provide plenty of great food sources in the form of your valuable possessions. To prevent the rodents from gnawing on everything you own—which they will do—you need to regularly clean out the attic to ensure there are no nests anywhere.


2. Prevent Rot and Water Damage

Attics tend to be warm, dark, and damp places. These are the perfect conditions for not only rot, mold, and other potential problems to form. Regular cleaning is a great way to make sure all your belongings are properly sealed against any leaks or other types of water-related damage.



3. Check Your Insulation and Other Key Materials

Your attic contains other valuables in addition to your belongings. Generally, attics contain a large amount of insulation, which needs to be regularly checked. Damaged fiberglass insulation can lead to a wide range of health problems for you and your family, and can also increase in your electric bill from your need to run the air conditioning more often.

In addition, regular cleaning ensures that other key materials in your attic– electrical cords, ventilation, etc.–are in good shape. If any of these components or materials have been worn-down over years of use, a periodical attic cleaning can prevent some costly repairs down the line.


4. The Regular Attic Cleaning Cost Will Pay for Itself

In the long term, the cost of regular attic cleaning easily pays for itself. Just like any other part of your home, by ensuring your attic is clean and well-maintained, you can prevent expensive repairs, keep out rodents and bugs, and make sure your valuables are kept in a clean place where they won’t be damaged by moisture, rot, or electrical wires.


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