Phoenix Insulation Removal

Clear Out Your Outdated Insulation with Attic Construction

If you’re experiencing strange odors, high energy bills, and temperature control problems, it’s more than likely your home has outdated insulation—this is the case for a shocking 90% of homes in the US.

If you’re a part of that staggering majority, it’s time to make a change.

Living in a house with outdated attic or wall insulation is not only uncomfortable and expensive from a lack of energy efficiency, but it can also be dangerous. It provides the perfect environment for hazardous substances like mold and mildew, plus a variety of pests and rodents. 

Our Phoenix insulation removal team will remove your harmful, old insulation material and replace it with the right kind of new insulation. Ready to start living safely and comfortably in your home again?

Attic Insulation Removal Near Me

With more than ten years of successful operating experience in Southern California, we’re uniquely attuned to the special insulation needs of a hot, dry environment like Phoenix and the surrounding area.

We know:

  • How to deal with desert building materials
  • How to remove local vermin
  • How to solve dry weather-related problems 

Our Phoenix insulation removal technicians are all fully certified and insured, with over a decade of valuable experience. We’re not the only option in the Phoenix area, but we’re the best for the job.

Our Home & Attic Insulation Removal Procedure

We provide comprehensive insulation removal services, starting with a free inspection and estimate and ending with a satisfied smile on your face and all-new attic insulation.

First, we identify common attic & wall insulation problems, such as mold, poor attic ventilation areas, rodent droppings, and excess moisture. Based on our careful assessment, we provide a thorough action plan, walking you through the exact steps, pricing, energy audit, and process of insulation installation.

Next, our technicians follow a careful precautionary procedure to protect your home:

  • All moveable furniture and decorations are transported to a safe place while all non-moveable furniture is covered with protective sheets. 
  • Your insulation is removed according to its material:
  • Blown-in insulation, typically fiberglass insulation, rockwool, and cellulose insulation, must be sucked out with a 23-horsepower commercial-grade vacuum.
  • Batting insulation, such as pre-cut pieces of rockwool or fiberglass, are removed by rolling, bagging, and disposing of each piece individually.

Once we’ve cleared out your old insulation, you’ll need new lining to replace it—that’s where we come in, again. We can provide the proper type of insulation installation and seal off any entry points to keep out moisture and extend the longevity of your attic upgrade. 

Leave the Insulation to the Professionals

Trying to go the DIY route may end up causing more headaches than anything. Learning to install your own insulation can be a steep learning curve, especially if you plan to do it properly. Some of the common questions that may come up are:

    • Which insulation type do I need? 
    • Is fiberglass or foam insulation best? 
    • How much insulation do I need for my home? 
    • Do I need ceiling insulation for my cathedral ceilings or attic? 
    • Do I need a radiant barrier for the heat?



All of these questions can be easily answered by our trained staff of insulation technicians and experts. Do sweat trying to figure every little detail out! Instead, hire Attic Construction to get the job done right the first time…and frustration free.

Protect Your Home from Rodents and Disease

Rodents can form nests in insulation, quickly turning it into a harbinger of harmful diseases and other health concerns. Replacing old exisiting insulation is a start, but it won’t solve underlying pest issues, or ensure the health and safety of your home. 

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer rodent proofing services for pest control benefits along with our insulation replacement. 

While we’re removing your existing insulation, we’ll also clear your attic of any unwanted rodents and the contaminants they leave behind. Finally, we’ll begin air sealing any animal entry points so you never have to call us about the same problem twice.

Free Home Insulation Inspection

You want your home to be safe and comfortable—we want the same! That’s why we offer a free home inspection, including an in-depth evaluation, consultation, and price estimate. If you’re looking to remove your attic insulation, you should also consider new attic insulation services performed by a professional insulation contractor like Attic Construction. We also offer services such as attic cleaning, and crawl space cleaning, and attic decontamination in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and more in the surrounding areas. 

We’re offering $300 dollars off any insulation removal services. Your free inspection is only a few clicks away. Contact us today!


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