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It’s easy to forget about your home’s crawl space—it’s not like you spend much time down there. Crawl spaces are often out of sight and out of mind.

But if you feel a new draft or see small pellets in the house, it might be time to shift your focus towards that sneaky problem area, ranging from vermin infestations to busted insulation.

That’s where crawl space cleanup comes in. At Attic Construction, we have the tools and experience to properly clean and repair your crawl space. No more rats, no more poor insulation—just a safe, tidy crawl space that you can promptly push from your mind.

Our Expert Crawl Space Cleaning in Phoenix and the greater Maricopa County

As longtime industry leaders, Attic Construction has local West Coast expertise that other crawl space cleaning companies just can’t match. Our workers know:

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  • Common Southwest home layouts and crawl space details

  • Building codes for Phoenix, AZ

  • Relevant state and federal housing laws

  • How to deal with the unique local rodent and vermin populations

Regardless of your crawl space cleanout issue, Attic Construction is here to help.

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Why Is Crawl Space Cleaning Necessary?

In short? Because your family’s health matters.

Crawl spaces may seem insignificant. But if neglected, they can become disgusting and even dangerous. This small area can wreak havoc on your entire home if it’s filled with poor insulation, airborne toxins, and disease.

Here are some of the top issues that a complete crawl space clean out can address:

  • Mold or Fungus

    With dampness comes mold and fungus. Unfortunately, you have to worry about more than just direct contact. If your crawl space is ventilated, airborne mold spores can spread and infect your home, risking illness for your entire family.

  • Vermin

    Once inside the home, squirrels and mice lose every ounce of cuteness they once had. These rodents can transmit dangers like salmonella, hantavirus, and parasites to your family, not to mention the rancid buildup of urine and feces.

  • Insects

    Unfortunately, crawl spaces make the perfect shelter to bugs. Pests like carpenter ants and termites can ruin a home’s infrastructure. You might also face immediate danger from scorpions, bees, or other biting insects.

  • Asbestos

    Silent but deadly, this mineral fiber requires expert removal. If left to grow, asbestos can disperse cancer-causing particles into your home’s air.

  • Energy Waste

    A small draft may not seem like cause for concern, but if your insulation erodes or the ventilation starts leaking, you’ll wish you had worried sooner. Poor insulation can cost up to 15% more in energy spending.

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You want to protect your home and family; Attic Construction does, too. We have the best equipment, training, and professionals for safe and effective Phoenix crawl space cleaning.

And the best part? We’ll kick start the process with a free inspection.

We’re not afraid to go the extra mile. After our comprehensive inspection, we’ll form a plan that provides services like:

  • Rodent and animal waste removal

  • Bacteria, mold, and fungus disinfection

  • Anti-pest sealing and protection

  • Insulation and ventilation repair

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Stop wasting time and start taking advantage of the best attic services in Phoenix—right in front of your nose! Call Attic Construction today for our unbeatable services.


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