When To Replace Your Home Insulation

When To Replace Home Insulation

People don’t give much thought to the insulation in their home. Insulation installation happens before you move into your house, and the general perception is that there’s no further need to deal with it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Home insulation often needs to be replaced in San Diego homes.

Purpose of Home Insulation

A home is designed with a number of fundamental elements which serve very specific purposes. Insulation is one of these elements. The purpose of insulation is to create a permeable thermal envelope for the home – to keep hot air from escaping on a cold winter day, and prevent hot air from getting inside during a blistering summer spell when the Santa Ana winds are blowing. If something damages or destroys the insulation’s effectiveness, replacement may become necessary.

Mold Problems

San Diego has a mold problem because of the area’s environment. The perfect climate for mold exists because we have warm temperatures and just enough humidity to make mold spores happy and productive.

Humidity? That’s right. You most likely think of San Diego as having a dry climate. This is generally true when you are outdoors, but try visiting your attic on a warm August day. It will feel like a sauna, which makes your attic a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Mold does not grow in insulation. It does, however, grow on insulation. Mold spores are blown through the permeable insulation and can come into contact with dirt and other organic materials also blown into the insulation. These materials act as food for the mold spores. When combined with high temperatures in the attic and ample humidity, a few spores can turn into a forest of mold alarmingly fast.

If you find mold in the insulation of your home, the problem must be dealt with immediately to prevent the fungus from spreading even further into your house. The typical solution is to remove and replace the insulation.

Rodent Problems

Rats and mice have been a problem for homeowners for centuries. These creatures can rapidly destroy the insulation in a home if they’re allowed to settle. The problem is that rodents don’t view insulation fibers as something itchy to be avoided. They use the insulation to build their nests, and will also burrow pathways through it to create safe passageways across your attic.

If this occurs, your home is only slightly better off than it would be with no insulation at all. Damaged home insulation will create huge holes in your thermal envelope, allowing hot air to exit and enter the home easily, while driving your utility costs through the roof. The solution is to remove the existing insulation, get rid of the rodents, seal any spots where rats might re-enter the house, and then install new insulation to repair the home’s thermal envelope.


If you are making structural repairs to your home or building an addition, it’s an ideal time to consider upgrading the insulation in that part of the house. Most products evolve over time, and insulation is no exception. It is far more effective than it was twenty or even ten years ago. Replacing or even supplementing your current insulation can slash your heating and cooling costs for years to come.

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