Attic Cleaning 5 Essential Tips

Attic Cleaning: Why it Matters

Most homeowners don’t give their attic cleaning a second thought. But, when you are looking for extra space to safely store your valuables, there’s no place better than a clean, organized attic. If your attic is a mess of clutter, dust and debris, attic cleanup might seem like a chore that you want to put off forever. But, attic cleanup doesn’t have to be hard. Check out our 5 essential tips for attic cleanup, and take back your attic today!

Declutter – Trash. Donate. Sell.

The first step of the attic cleanup process is to really take a look at what you’ve got in your attic and see what you want to keep, what you might be able to sell and what you need to throw away. Sort your stuff into piles – keep, donate, sell, trash. Once you’ve put something in one pile that’s it, move onto the next item until you work your way through all of your stuff. Chances are if you are storing something that you haven’t used, or even thought about, in years you can get rid of it.

Consolidate Boxes.

Once you’ve figured out which things in your attic you’ll actually be keeping you can move on to the next part of the attic cleanup process – consolidation of boxes. Storing half empty boxes in your attic only takes up more space and creates more clutter. Instead, you’ll want to consolidate all the things you’ve decided to keep in your attic into the smallest number of organized boxes possible. This will not only help you use less space, but it’ll help you to completely reorganize your stuff in a way that makes things easier to find.


Now that you know what you’ll be keeping in your attic, look around and make sure that things in the space look okay. Is your attic full of dust or debris? Does your insulation look damaged? Do you see any mold or water damage anywhere? If things look off, you’ll want to call a professional attic cleaning company right away to finish your attic cleanup for you.

Remove Damaged Insulation.

If you noticed that your insulation looks worn or you can see it has sustained obvious damage, you’ll want to call a professional to have it replaced. Call a professional attic cleaning company that offers insulation removal and restoration services. Their attic cleanup technicians will have the right equipment to safely remove and replace any damaged insulation they find.

Dust & Decontaminate.

It may seem silly, but it really pays to have a professional attic cleaning service come to decontaminate your home. Mold, bugs and animal droppings can make your attic an unsanitary place for you and your family. A professional attic and crawl space clean up service will use special equipment to thoroughly decontaminate your home, protecting you and your family from potential health hazards.

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