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Rodent Control & Disinfestation Service

Attic Constriction Inc uses a three tiered approach to eradicating and rodent proofing your property. The respective phases are as follows –

  1. Assessment Assess the infestation and determine its scope.
  2. Segregation Segregate and trap the rodents.
  3. Clean-out / Sanitation / Restoration Remove the vermin from the premises, sanitize, and restore.

Following these three phases is a must if you want your home to remain free of future infestations, skipping even one of these recommended steps can make your home vulnerable to reentry and re-infestation. Attic Construction provides attic cleanout services, our experts will perform a complete cleansing process of your homes’ polluted insulation seal rodent friendly entry points leading to attic and narrow crawl spaces. As hidden rodent droppings and other remains can be a hazardous source of infectious disease in your home, removing them can result in huge health benefits. Amusingly, one other unrelated benefit of removing infested insulation is increased energy proficiency.

Rodent Assessment and Initial Analysis

We all are quite aware of the spread and reach of this rodent infestation around us. Whether it’s your own home, your neighborhood, or the community at large, rodent infestations show no signs of easing up. Even newly constructed homes are not spared by these vermin.

To eliminate rodent infestation problems, the need for a skillful and dedicated team is imperative. This is where we come into the picture as the assessments done by our trained inspectors are in depth we  inspect the property both internally and externally. Our assessments are meticulously done with a focus on even the minute details.

We have a unique way of identifying and categorizing a customer’s home in two sections; Hot and Soft.

  • Soft spots: areas which are most vulnerable to the next rodent reentry attempt.
  • Hot spots: areas where the rodents are most functional and are completely settled in.

After a hot and soft spot analysis has been completed, we perform yet another detailed inspection identifying and eliminating other rodent vulnerabilities including but not limited to:

  • Secret tunnels and trails.
  • Spoiled foundation vents.
  • Cavities in exhaust ductwork.
  • Mouse or rat nest identification.
  • Seriously damaged insulation ducts.
  • Sources of odor and fleas such as pets.
  • Gnawed upon wires which can cause short circuits or even major fires.

The home owner is made an active participant in the whole process; we present to them detailed diagrams which summarize our findings and present a long-term strategy for effective rodent removal.

The home owner’s confidence and support in our assessment is very crucial for this exercise to be a fruitful one. We are aware that our competitors might be offering cheaper assessments to you, but the fact is, simply demanding less money does not equate into an effective rodent control solution. With that in mind, consider that Attic Construction charges a reasonable rate, and always provide premium quality services. Their experience, qualified staff, and technical knowhow make this level of quality possible, and they take pride in the effectiveness of their rodent control solutions.

Rodent Control: Segregation or Exclusion Phase – Blocking their entry permanently

In this phase of the rodent control treatment, we start the process of shutting off and sealing any rodent reentry points which we identified during the first step of inspection. Here we employ the strategy of looking at things from “a rat’s perspective” and focusing on discovering each nook and cranny that may be used to breach the premises. Attic Construction’s extensive rodent expertise as well as their specialization in construction repair work is the skill combination set needed to decode this infestation puzzle.

Sniffing out the rodent’s secret entry tunnel, hole, or even crevice is a job which requires detailed scrutiny. This is where the art and science of Attic Construction’s rodent exclusion methodology comes into play.

Cleanout/Sanitization/Restoration Phase

Once the rodents have all been segregated then it is time to remove them and begin sanitizing and restoring the premises. The rodents leave behind a trail of droppings, urine, and other filth. This vile mix of disease carrying contents is going to continue causing an unbearable stench until you get it cleaned up. Even if selling your home is not on your to-do-list, you still cannot afford to take the risk of living in such a hazardous zone.

In addition to the feces and urine, many animals including rodents secrete a strong smelling chemical called a Pheromone, which helps them to attract mates. Unfortunately, the stench of this chemical remains in your home for a long time after an animal has secreted it. Even more unfortunate, is the fact that this pheromone acts as an open invitation for other rodents to move into your home. During this sanitation process we remove all rodent matter from your home such as feces, urine and pheromones accumulated over time. We use vapor barriers, sanitizing solutions, and organic deodorants at rodent hot spots to make this smell disappear once and for all.

Services offered by Attic Construction Inc

  • Ventilation duct repair.
  • Crawl space cleaning services and drainage cleanup and restoration.
  • Rodent exclusion service (keep them blocked out for good.)
  • Restoration (repair and insulation installation)
  • Clean out (rodent clean up & removal of rodent waste and filth along with the removal of damaged insulation.)
  • Restoration of damaged structural areas and sealing off any existing access points.
  • Disposal of gnawed upon wiring and elimination any remaining safety hazards.
  • Home/building rodent assessment (extent of damage, segregation, and control.)
  • Sanitation (elimination of all sorts of odors by clearing urine, droppings and pheromone trails)

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