Think You May Have Rodents In Your Home? Consult A Rodent Proofing Service

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Over and above dirt, it is very common for your attic to have rodents. The animals pose a quantity of perils. One of the threats is that they can easily impair your structure by boring holes that tend to deteriorate your building. The rodents can also result in water leaking and water mutilation. If your attic is insulated, they tend to gnaw at the insulation therefore occasioning to you expending more money on your electricity bills. The rodents can also trigger attic fire. This is where they incline to bite at the cables. Via the holes that they create, other creatures and insects can find their way into your attic consequently terminating your attic further.

How to know if your attic has rodents

It is very easy to know about the presence of rodents in your attic. One of the indications is scuttling in the walls. If you hear scuttling in the walls, it means that there is a rat or squirrel in the attic. Other indications consist of animal droppings, frazzled cabling and gnawed surfaces.

Getting rid of rodents

If you know certainly that there are rodents in the attic, you should plan how to get rid of them. How to get rid of rats in attic? You should begin by confiscating all the food in the attic. Several rodents get in the attic to find food; consequently, when you take out the food they will have nothing to eat therefore they will simply go away. You should eliminate anything that can serve as food. You should go into the attic and classify all the fissures that are at least half-inch wide. If the cracks are there you should seal them using sealing. Along with sealing the cracks, you should also cover the apertures and ducts using a fine mesh. Traps are also very effective in getting rid of rodents. There are countless varieties of traps that you can use. The most effective ones are live traps. The amazing thing with them is that they trap and don’t kill the rodents. If you want the rodents deceased, you should use kill traps such as poisons. Firewood serves as a remarkable place for rodents to build nests. To confiscate the animals you need to eliminate firewood from the attic.


This is what you need to know about attic rodents. For the creatures to be professionally removed, it is prudent that you hire the services of an attic cleaning company i.e. Attic Construction. If you’re in need of an attic professional to perform attic insulation installation,Β  Attic Construction can help. We provide a wide range of services to help homeowners with insulation related needs including rodent proofing, new insulation, attic cleanup & attic decontamination services and more. For further information, please visit us or give us a call at 858-239-4805.

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