Dallas Crawl Space Cleaning

Looking for professional crawl space cleaning services in Dallas and the greater Dallas County area? Look no further than Attic Construction!

Many homeowners neglect their crawl spaces, but this can lead to a range of issues, from vermin infestations to poor insulation. At Attic Construction, we have the tools and expertise to properly clean and repair your crawl space, leaving you with a safe and tidy area that you can forget about.

What sets us apart from other crawl space cleaning companies is our local Texas expertise. Our workers are familiar with common Texas home layouts and crawl space details, as well as relevant building codes and housing laws in Dallas, TX. We also have experience dealing with the unique local rodent and vermin populations, ensuring that we can handle any crawl space cleanout issue that you may have.

Why Is Crawl Space Cleaning Necessary?

But why is crawl space cleaning necessary in the first place? Simply put, it’s because your family’s health matters. Neglected crawl spaces can become breeding grounds for mold, fungus, vermin, insects, and even asbestos, all of which can have serious health consequences for your family. Poor insulation in crawl spaces can also result in energy waste and increased energy spending.

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Start Your Crawl Space Cleaning with A Free Inspection

At Attic Construction, we take your family’s health seriously. That’s why we offer a free crawl space inspection with no strings attached. After our comprehensive inspection, we’ll provide you with a plan that includes services like rodent and animal waste removal, bacteria and fungus disinfection, anti-pest sealing and protection, and insulation and ventilation repair.

Don’t let your crawl space become a health hazard. Contact Attic Construction today to take advantage of our unbeatable services!

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We offer a free attic inspection with absolutely NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Request an appointment to have one of our technicians come to your residence and do a complete inspection today.

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