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Are you tired of feeling like you’re living in a sauna during the summer and an icebox in the winter? Do you find yourself paying more and more every month for your utility bills to heat, cool, and ventilate your home? The problem could be your home’s attic or wall insulation. As a homeowner, you should know that proper insulation slows down the flow of heat, improves ventilation and indoor air quality in your house. If your existing insulation is old or damaged, your heating and air conditioning cooling systems have to work extra hard to compensate, which costs you more money on your energy bill.

Attic Construction is here to provide a solution to your insulation woes. Our professional Dallas insulation installation services are designed to help you integrate energy efficiency methods into your home for higher energy savings and lower costs. The number one rated attic insulation installation company is now bringing our high-quality insulation services and reasonable prices to Dallas and the surrounding area.

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Signs of Damaged Insulation

If you’re wondering whether or not your home has the proper insulation, some warning signs of damaged or old insulation include:

  • High gas or energy bills

  • Drafts in the winter

  • Fluctuating temperatures from room to room

  • Cold walls, floors, or ceilings

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If any of these sound familiar, it’s time for a professional inspection and energy audit to ensure you have proper attic insulation. Our Dallas insulation contractors at Attic Construction are fully licensed and certified, uniquely preparing them to determine your insulation’s current condition and needs. The insulation contractor will consult with you based on:

  • Insulation material / Insulation type

  • Insulation thickness

  • Insulation density

  • Outside temperature

  • Moisture accumulation

  • Aging of the insulation materials

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Why Trust Our Insulation Services

Installing the wrong insulation type or improper installation practices can pose serious health risks and damage to your property. That’s why you need a professional team you can trust to inspect your home. You can rest easy knowing that each insulation installer in our company has been trained to deliver the highest quality insulation service to our customers.

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What to Expect with Insulation Installation Service

A major structural upgrade like new insulation installation may seem daunting; however, it can bring down your monthly energy cost by increasing the heating efficiency within your home. We’re here to help you not just with the installation itself but by giving you peace of mind throughout the process. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free Consultation

    Our insulation company will always start with a free inspection where a licensed insulation contractor will assess your needs, provide an estimate, and explain the next steps.

  • Insulation Removal

    If you need new insulation, our Dallas insulation contractors will safely remove any existing insulation.

  • Air Sealing & Ductwork

    Air sealing and ductwork cleaning are both necessary to provide cold air and prevent air leaks or any further issues in your air conditioning. Air duct cleaning and sealing also maintains high indoor air quality and prevents hot air or heat flow from entering during summer.

  • Insulation Installation

    After our insulation technicians audit your home crawl space, we will consult with you on what the best insulation product is efficient for your home. This can range from spray foam insulation (blown insulation), mineral wool, radiant barrier insulation, cellulose insulation, blown fiberglass insulation, batt insulation, and more options. Our insulation company installs the right roof or wall insulation material, the right way to decrease heat flow or cold air leaks, or simply maintain your home’s temperature no matter what weather may come.

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Pablo C.
Pablo C.
Orange County location

Great company I’m so glad I choose them!!!!
This guys knows how to take care of their clients and not just trying to sell you thing you don’t need!! Attic Construction are the only one who came with a real solution and finally made our home Rodent free with insulation up to code. Thank you so much guys for a great experience and excellent result will definitely recommend you!

David W.
David W.
Phoenix location

They did a great job with our attic highly recommended these guys. Kevin Daniel and Jonathan did a great job today. Good price great work!!!!

J. D.
J. D.
Orange County location

I personally think it's needless to say that Cody and the guys did an excellent job of the attic! Anything that we have had questions about or when we needed extra help, Cody has been very professional, thorough and has been in touch with all our requests. Thank you!

Glenn B.
Glenn B.
Phoenix location
I had a very positive experience with everyone I worked with at this company. The original estimator was very helpful and detail-oriented. The office staff was also polite & professional. Team Frederick came to my house to do the work. They were all very polite. They took extra time to be sure that everything that I was promised was delivered. The house was left very clean! Very happy with the entire experience.